Performing Arts Council Completes Inaugural Semester, Plans For Future

Whether getting up on stage is a requirement for your major, or you miss your performing days from high school – the Performing Arts Council is for you. Though the group is less than a year old, the university-affiliated organization is filled with students who share a passion of promoting the performing arts around campus.

The PAC was established in December 2014, with the ultimate goal to break the boundaries between various performing arts councils by promoting collaboration and growth. The official mission, in fact, is “Gathering the Arts to Share the Arts.”

John Connolly, PAC’s president, has big plans for the organization’s future. “Myself and Brian Gutierrez, No Refund Theatre’s President last year, saw that there was a lot of opportunity for arts organizations to work together, and felt like it was time to break down the walls between those organizations,” Connolly said.

After garnering support from the Student Affairs Administration, PAC began to evolve. An executive board was created for each of the separate genres within the performing arts. These include dance, theater, vocal, instrumental, diversity, and spoken word.

The organization is working on a collaborative performance for the end of the semester. “Hopefully the performance could become our signature event as an organization,” Connolly said. PAC hopes to provide the arts to students during their time at Penn State, while additionally helping new students continue their journey with performance from high school.

With many big plans for the future, PAC made great progress in its inaugural semester. They partnered with the THAW festival and booked many student organization acts. The group finds it is important to provide students with performing opportunities and future goals, including a mid-semester HUB showcase and opportunities to show off its talents during Arts Fest weekend.

PAC also plans to host an art showcase, which will be held in conjunction with the Involvement Fair and serve as an opportunity to present the council to interested students. During the Tuesday of Involvement Fair week, potential new members will get a chance see what PAC members do best.

If you can’t wait to see PAC in action or want to find out more before the semester starts, check out the group’s website, where you can learn more about the goals of the organization.

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