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Applications are now available for students interested in speaking at State of State 2016. The application is available online and due November 22 by 5 p.m. 

The application includes general questions about the student, as well as exactly what they would like to speak about at the conference and why they feel it is an important topic to discuss. A select number of applications will be asked back to audition for the State of State executive members and give a short pitch of their topic.

At the conference, selected speakers are responsible for sharing their thoughts, opinions, and experiences in a 5-10 minute speech and discussion. This year’s event will focus on four main topics: Inclusivity and identity, student cultures, tradition and change, and the value of your degree.

“In terms of the role of student speaker applications in State of State’s mission, I think that having students speak alongside faculty and alumni is hugely important,” Content Director Meg Zuccato said in a press release. “State of State is a student-run conference, and we recognize that there are many amazing students at our university who have incredibly valuable experiences and perspectives to share with the greater community. Having these passionate students share the stage with some of our most prominent professors and administrators is one of the unique parts of State of State.”

State of State 2016 will take place on February 13.

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