UPUA Tackles Four Pieces Of Legislation

Penn State’s University Park Undergraduate Association met in the HUB Wednesday night for the first time since Thanksgiving break. The meeting was called to order at 8 p.m.

First up was a special presentation by Invent Penn State liaison Paul Girgis. He spoke to the assembly about Happy Valley Launch Box, which is a free business accelerator that allows you to work with mentors and other students.

Following Girgis’ presentation there was supposed to be another special presentation by State College Mayor Elizabeth Goreham. She was not on time for her presentation (hindered by a sprained ankle and elevator issues) so President Emily McDonald gave her weekly report.

McDonald touched on the Board of Trustees meeting before break, specifically the finance and capital planning committee meeting where UPUA opposed a $7 million venture to update security in Rec Hall. You can read our BoT recap here.

McDonald also noted at President’s Council with CCSG and GPSA they were very receptive to the possibility of a smoke-free campus.

When Goreham arrived, she encouraged those in attendance to become more involved with the State College Borough in order to have more of an impact on State College.

“I just want you to know we are partners in State College, you represent your constituents on campus and off campus and I represent you too,” she said. Her main focus in speaking to the assembly was to invite its members to up their partnership with the borough.

In his weekly report, Vice President Terry Ford spoke about the BoT and meeting with senior administrators this week to discuss the fee board and how to  move forward on the proposal.

Following a caucus breakout, the assembly moved on to the agenda’s new business items.

The first item of new business was Bill #14-10, the support of extended dining hours during finals week. This bill affects Louie’s, Off the Ground, Good2Go, the HUB Starbucks, Mackinnon’s Cafe, and Blue Chip Bistro. It passed unanimously.

The next item of new business was Resolution #21-10, to support funding for renovations for the Tea Institute. The resolution passed unanimously.

Next up was Resolution #22-10, the support for FFAC purchase of charging stations. The resolution will allocate $5,000 to purchase 10 charging stations throughout buildings on campus. It passed unanimously.

Next, the assembly moved on to Resolution #23-10, the support for bike safety on campus. This resolution would recommend the addition of bike lanes and a bike safety educational program. The fourth and final initiative also passed unanimously.

In his Committee Report, facilities chair Adam Terragnoli, announced he is resigning from the position.

The meeting concluded at 9:23 p.m. The tenth assembly will meet again in the HUB next week.