SoVA’s Foundations Exhibition To Display New Student Work

The School of Visual Arts is holding its Annual Foundations Exhibition starting Monday night at 7 p.m. and will be on display in the Edwin W. Zoller Gallery until Dec. 11. This year’s title, Present Future, is similar to last years Annual Foundations Exhibition, In The Beginning, and will display the work of first-year visual arts students in ART 110S and 111 that they have completed this semester.

A wide variety of student projects will be displayed, including drawings, sculptures, installations, and stop-motion animations, but student work isn’t the only thing that will decorate the gallery walls. In fact, as a part of the exhibition, student artists will cover one wall with a collaborative drawing in the gallery.


ART 110S and 111 give students a base of visual knowledge in both two and three dimensions. The displayed student work and the collaborative wall drawing give a glimpse into the life of a first-year visual art student, but also help people understand the amount of work students put into SoVA’s Foundations Program. 

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