Penn State Unveils Annual Holiday Video

The end of the fall semester always brings a little nugget of joy to the Internet in the form of Penn State’s annual holiday greeting video.

Complete with the new shield logo, the video is narrated by Eric and Molly Barron who give a run down of highlights from the year. 

“This holiday season we want to wish every member of our Penn State family the very best,” President Barron begins. “And we’d also like to thank you for everything you’ve done this year.”

Last year’s video put everyone in the holiday spirit, featuring the Nittany Lion stringing lights all over the commonwealth. If this video didn’t feature a snowflake at the beginning and five seconds of Christmas lights, it would just be a minute of university PR nuggets. But nothing could possibly be worse than the 2013 video, which really speaks for itself.

Enjoy this year’s video and Happy Holidays Penn State!

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