UPDATE: Police Arrest Father Who Threatened Hamilton Hall Students

UPDATE (10:27 p.m.): Penn State updated its press release with a bit more information about the nature of the threat. Pennsylvania State Police took a father into custody who, according to the release, made threats against his two children who live in Hamilton Hall as part of a family dispute.

The residence hall is now open and Waring Commons will open tomorrow morning, as previously reported.

UPDATE (9:10 p.m.): University police confirmed that the threat actor has been taken into custody and, after noting that the suspect is no longer a threat, have given the all clear. According to police the suspect was not in the area, but did not say where specifically he or she was located. An officer on the scene said that police will remain in the area for visible presence. Waring Commons will re-open in the morning.

Here’s the full release from Penn State.


Original Post

Penn State Police responded to a threat in Hamilton Hall in West Commons at 5:45 p.m. on Sunday.

There was a verbal “threat of violence” given to two students from a person in the Harrisburg area. According to a release police have “issued a warrant for the threat actor’s arrest.”

The building was promptly secured and locked down. The initial PSU Alert incorrectly identified Thompson Hall as the building in question.

Police have requested that students lock their doors and remain in place until further notice.

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