Student Groups Collecting Bottled Water For Flint Water Crisis

The Social Justice Coalition and Paul Robeson Cultural Center (PRCC) are collecting water to deliver to Flint, Michigan to help combat the town’s water crisis.

Donations of bottled water can be made through Wednesday at the PRCC in the HUB.

The water in Flint is contaminated with more than five times the “cause for concern” level of lead. President Barack Obama declared a state of emergency in Flint on January 16. Since then, celebrities like Mark Wahlberg, P. Diddy, Cher, and Big Sean have donated bottled water.

“This idea came about because the Social Justice Coalition is an organization strictly about activism and unity on and off campus,”  Social Justice Coalition President Brian Davis said. “The Social Justice Coalition is comprised of more than 60 student organizations on campus, so the word was not hard to spread that we were collecting water for Flint.”
The group is still planning the details on how to get it there, Davis said. “The most common idea amongst the Social Justice Coalition is that we will drive the water up to Flint, Michigan next weekend and hand it out to families as well as food banks,” he said.

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