Redifer Commons To Pilot Napkin Dispensers

Redifer is going green.

The University Park Undergraduate Association passed a resolution Wednesday night that will begin a napkin dispenser pilot program in Redifer Dining Commons.

“The hope is this will eventually be installed all over campus,” Representative Alex Shockley, who co-sponsored the legislation, said. According to the legislation, Support for Sustainable Napkin Dispensers Program, replacing napkin holders with dispensers will be cost effective and eco-friendly.

UPUA looked at a study from the University of Connecticut, where its Dining Services moved from table napkin dispensers to wall-mounted napkin dispensers. After a one year pilot, the university saved $19,484.14 and used 2,316,000 fewer napkins than the year before.

Jim Richards, the Interim Director of Residential Dining, agreed to the pilot program and replacing the current napkin holders with pedestal napkin dispensers throughout the buffet area. The program will be evaluated to determine its productivity and worth at the conclusion of the spring semester.

If you’re a messy eater, BYON to Late Night.

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