5 People Who Went All Out For THON 2016

No one comes to THON dressed completely normal. We’ve seen some of the best tutus and hats so far, but what about the people who go all out from head to toe? We took a few laps through the concourse and found the people who put a little extra effort into their looks this year.

Collin Marshall from Apollo really embraced this year’s theme and is rocking his rocket costume to THON 2016.

THON Costume

Tim Bell from Operation Blue and Gold wore a full onesie to this year’s event. As if that weren’t enough, it’s classic Nittany Lion style.

THON Costume

Juliana Suvorov (left) and Madison Geissel (right) count as two halves of a whole in their matching outfits. What a couple of cool cats.

THON Costume

Cheyenne Seik definitely looks colorful, but it’s her volleyball hat that really showed her dedication to Club Volleyball and to THON (we wish we had seen her when we were looking for the best hats).

THON Costume

Emma Hartzell may have outdone us all. She’s working as a Communications Captain, but before THON she tore all of the tendons in her ankle. She had surgery this past Wednesday because she wouldn’t miss THON for the world. You can see her on her colorful crutches or rolling the BJC on her scooter.

THON Costume

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