Here’s The Deal With Atlas’ Fuzzy Pink Hats

Atlas is one of the biggest and most successful special interest organizations in the history of THON. The organization is well-known for always donning fuzzy pink hats while fundraising and in the stands during THON weekend.

However, the fuzzy pink hats are more than just a fun accessory, and they have more history than one would think. Atlas was founded in September 2005 as a way for members of the Penn State community to get involved in the dance marathon without joining a club or Greek life. Atlas member Kevin Cass explained that the story of the pink hats goes back to the very origin of Atlas, and their THON child Victoria Smith.

Although Victoria could not attend THON due to her treatments, she was able to watch Atlas on the live stream. She was disappointed when Altas blended in with the rest of the crowd because of their dark colors their dark colors. Victoria’s mother suggested the org wear Victoria’s favorite color, pink, in order to stand out better.

A few weeks later the members of Atlas went to visit Victoria after her treatment. Although she had lost her hair from her treatments she was wearing a fuzzy pink hat to make her feel like she still had hair. Altas incorporated the hat into their wardrobe to always remember Victoria’s battle and to make sure they are always spotted amongst the large crowd.

10 years later, the pinks hats still stand out easily in the colorful BJC. Atlas has even featured a giant pink hat at times over the years. Though crazy letters certainly help your org stand out, fuzzy pink hats are always among the first things to catch your eye.

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