Nine Deeez Nite Takes The Stage At THON

It’s early/and or late here at the Bryce Jordan Center, meaning it’s the perfect time for your favorite 90s cover band to take the stage to revive the building. Nine Deeez Nite took the stage just as the BJC needed a Backstreet Boys-inspired pick-me-up.

The band started their tribute to the 90s with “Backstreet’s Back,” and it got the BJC going. Regardless of time, the building was as alive as it’s been all day when the group broke into Lit’s jam “My Own Worst Enemy.”

“This is definitely the biggest thing we’ve ever done and we’re here to help out in any way,” lead singer Casey Slater said as he continued the set with “Cotton Eye Joe.”

Nine Deeez Nite continued to bring the energy to the BJC with classics from Nirvana and Smash Mouth before Slater pitched his name as a replacement in Spice Girls for Posh Spice with the group’s hit song, “Wannabe.”

The band dedicated their next mashup of songs to the “sorority sisters in the house,” while professing their own love for the boy bands of last century — mainly N*SYNC and the Backstreet Boys. Throwing Boyz 2 Men and Hansen into the mix, the band kept the crowd going.

Closing the boy band set with “I Want It That Way,” the group continued into some 90s rap, displaying the truly wide-range of music that came out of that era. With a cover of “Ice Ice Baby,” it felt like Vanilla Ice himself was in the building, as Nine Deeez Nite conducted a flawless cover. The band then proceeded to play an interesting medley of pop and punk between songs ranging from Brittany Spears to Metallica.

Nine Deeez Nite closed out its (seemingly endless) set with “I Believe I Can Fly,” and the crowd didn’t hesitate to sing along. The performance was a much-needed wake up in the BJC with the mix of classic throwbacks from all genres.

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