On The Floor With THON 2016 Sibling Dancers

As THON ticks along, the dancers are starting to become comfortable on the floor and learn their way around. A few performances and some dancer meals later, we figured it was time to check in with some of the siblings that are dancing in THON that we featured earlier this year. While most were in the midst of running around, shooting water guns, and, of course, dancing, we were able to hunt them down on the floor for a quick chat.


Rachel and Matt Krott are both representing the special interest organization Springfield. “We’re doing great! Right now it’s been a lot of fun seeing our families on the floor and all the Springfielders coming down and giving us support,” Rachel said.

Matt said that dancing next to his fellow members of Springfield is making the 46 a lot more enjoyable and manageable.

“These guys showed up; they were like the first people in line to help secure the section. We are so lucky to have them here so close to the floor and able to support us,” he said.


Julia and Mikaela Depeppe are fraternal twins on the floor dancing for Whiplash and Phi Kappa Theta. Seeing as Whiplash is one of Penn State’s dance teams, the two are no strangers to being up on their feet.

“It’s really nice to have my sister on the floor with me and to do this together,” Julia said. “We are doing really well so far and I can’t wait for the rest of the weekend,” Mikaela quickly added.


Our last pair of siblings are Cassandra and Courtney Ondeck, who are dancing in THON 2016 independently. The sisters are still in very high spirits, evidenced by their energetic participation in many of the Dancer Relations Committee-led games.

“I feel good,” Courtney said. “I just changed the arches on my shoes because my feet were starting to hurt.”

As far as keeping in contact, the duo haven’t had any problems. The solution? Just don’t get separated.

“We have actually managed to stay with each other,” Courtney added. “It’s so hard to find each other if you get separated.”

Shout out to all of the siblings keeping each other going on the floor right now. If there’s one person who knows how to help get you through the dance marathon, a blood relative is certainly a good place to start.

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