The Best Of Yik Yak: THON 2016 Edition

Towards the end of your shift and your feet begin to hurt, a great way to distract yourself from all of the noise is to take a phone break. What’s a better way to block everything out than getting a few laughs from Yik Yak? Here are a few of the best THON Yaks this weekend.

Many Penn State students admired the beautiful weather this weekend.

weather yakweather6329

state paddys

THON 2016 participants certainly dressed for the occasion, some even mixing it up from the THON theme.

clothes yak

Students at home relied on Yik Yak to know the capacity of the BJC before waiting in line.
get into bhc

capacity yak

After long shifts, it can be hard to decide between getting food and sleeping.

chipolte Yak

Hey, some people need to rest after such a busy weekend.

no classes yak

Everyone has fun doing the line dance, but everyone has a favorite part.

dab YAk

Even those who don’t attend Penn State can recognize our spirit.

spirit yak

Yik Yak was busy this weekend, Penn State. Now it’s time to get off your phones and dance!

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