Day: March 3, 2016

College Of Education Continues To Mold The Educators Of Tomorrow

Penn State's College of Education programs are nationally accredited, hands-on, and evolving along with technology.

Nick Nevills May Provide Missing Piece For Penn State Wrestling’s Title Run

Redshirt freshman and heavyweight Nick Nevills returned a couple of weeks ago for Penn State wrestling and won the US Collegiate Open in Colorado the week after that. He may prove to be an important asset for Penn State as the team sets its collective sights on the title.

Five Alumni-Elected Trustee Candidates Announced

With the alumni-elected Board of Trustees voting process just a month away, a random drawing on Tuesday decided the positions candidates will appear on the ballot. Get to know the candidates here.

[Video] We Are (Uncomfortable)

We went around campus and shouted "We Are" in unusual places, and then filmed people's reactions. It was just as awkward as it sounds.

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