Act Now: Unite to Pass PA Budget and Fund Penn State

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Make no mistake about it: The number one threat to Penn State today hits at the core of our mission as a leading public land grant university. The inability of Harrisburg to pass a budget this fiscal year (longest period in state history) withholds $300 million in annual funding for Penn State. This is creating a hardship with serious impacts and there is no resolution in sight.

Each day without state funding is a step closer to a Penn State that is different than what we now know.

The administration has also put the campus community on notice while explaining their steps to alleviate further impacts. President Barron cited one likely result of no state funding, it would cause massive cuts to the agricultural extension program and leave jobs hanging in the balance. The choice is clear, protecting these programs while maintaining a robust Commonwealth system of campuses and public mission should be a top priority for all of us.

Imagine a Pennsylvania without a flagship state university, I can’t and we shouldn’t. Any further budget delay will start to affect our faculty, staff, students, researchers, and communities.

This is a turning point for our university. The time to act united is now.

Student leaders agree and have acted to make their voice heard alongside administrators and alumni advocates. Our collective alumni voice united behind Penn State at this time will not only move the debate forward in Harrisburg; it may ultimately strengthen our resolve and help us to tackle even greater challenges ahead.

What better message could we send than for all Penn Staters everywhere to join together?

Speak up and urge the governor and state legislators to support funding for Penn State not just this year but every year. Please join me and act now through the Penn State Grassroots Network. If you don’t live in PA, ask a friend to act on your behalf, it will go a long way.

Dan Cocco is a current Board of Trustees candidate and former THON 2008 Overall Chair.

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Dan Cocco

Dan Cocco is a candidate for one of the alumni elected seats on Board of Trustees and is the former THON 2008 Overall Chairperson.


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