Students For Trump Responds To College Democrats’ Comments

Editor’s note: The following is in response to comments made about the formation of Students for Trump, which we reported on here.

By Ryan Belz

We at the Penn State Student for Trump chapter believe in free speech, and are more than willing to talk with those who have differing views without insult or unfounded accusation. However, it is astonishing that our comrades in the College Democrats who profess the same can go on record saying that perpetrators of hate crimes will gravitate towards Students for Trump.

“There have been instances of hate crimes around the Penn State community since I’ve been here, and it would not surprise me if those past or future perpetrators gravitate to this club,” Luis Rolfo, communications director of the College Democrats, said via email. We challenge Luis Rolfo to re-think his statement, and apologize for what he said.

Not only do the Penn State Students for Trump not condone any hate crimes, we condemn each and every hate crime, especially those that have occurred within the PSU community.

To say that perpetrators of hate crimes will gravitate towards Students for Trump is absurd and outrageous. Rolfo’s statement shows he is uninformed of our organization and indeed, the appeal of Trump. Trump is running on a platform of broad-based civic nationalism; he unapologetically rejects the divisive identity politics that seek only to separate us based on race, gender, or sexual orientation – the very same divisive identity politics that are being preached by both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Indeed, it is insulting that the College Democrats, whom Luis Rolfo represents, would consider any members of the Students for Trump chapter capable of vile hate crimes. Not only are we all fellow Americans, we are fellow Penn Staters, and such accusations are completely unwarranted.

We believe in the same message stated by Trump a few months ago on the Tonight Show,

“I will apologize … if I’m ever wrong.”

Luis Rolfo, you are wrong and need to publicly apologize. Let’s Make America Great Again,

Penn State Students for Trump

UPDATE 3/18, 11:50 a.m. —

Penn State College Democrats President Ryan Valencia is not apologizing. Here’s his statement:


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