10 Shitty Websites That Are Still Better Than LionPATH

LionPATH is bad. Sure, the coding may be more secure and the likelihood of a visual update in the future is high, but as of right now the university spent millions of dollars on one of the ugliest websites on the internet.

Actually, it may be the single ugliest and hardest to navigate website on the internet. The atrocious user interface and headache-inducing navigation got us thinking about some of the worst, most unappealing websites we’ve ever come across, and suffice it to say LionPATH gave each and every one a run for its money visually. We found 10 websites that, despite being completely ugly, are better than LionPATH. All of these sites are notorious for their horrible graphics and poor user interface, but LionPATH rivals all of them for worst website on this page. Better yet, no one probably spent $66 million on them!

The Drudge Report

drudge report

THE DRUDGE REPORT brings you every kind of news story you could want with its courier bold font and random capitalization that feels like the site is yelling at you. The stories are laid out in three columns so, while not entirely visually appealing, at least you can find what you’re looking for…unlike LionPATH.

McGraw-Hill Connect


I use Connect in one of my classes to turn in homework online and the first time I opened it in January I thought, “wow, this user interface sucks.” The graphics that pop up when you get a question wrong or right look like someone made them in Word 2003 and the blanks in which you enter your answer remind me of a MadLib. At least everything’s clearly labeled, so this site is still better than LionPATH.

Project Free TV


If you’ve ever gotten to a point in a TV series where the episodes are no longer on Netflix or you want to watch a movie but not pay for it, you’ve probably used Project Free TV. Does it feel like every click will automatically download a virus to your computer? Yes. Can you watch any TV show or movie, no matter the season, whenever you want without subscription? Yup! Since I haven’t found a way to do that on LionPATH yet (not saying it doesn’t exist), this site is better than the one we’re supposed to be using to schedule classes and pay our tuition.


This Pitt website looks pretty easy to navigate. If we, Penn Staters, think LionPATH is hard to use, imagine a Pitt student trying to figure it out!

Space Jam



I like basketball AND I like to jam! This slammin’ jammin’ website that complements the 1996 film “Space Jam” looks like it hasn’t been updated at all since, well, 1996. The red-text-on-a-patterned-black-background and spinning shapes make the site a little hard to look at, but still fun and nostalgic of a movie that brought Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny together. LionPATH, however, is neither fun nor nostalgic and is therefore much worse.




Are you looking for a website that allows you to browse sublets, jobs, and other peoples’ casual encounters all in one place without any concern for capitalizing words? Craigslist has it all. You can find literally anything on Craigslist…if you know where to look on the website. At least every category has a reasonable name that tells you what to expect, which isn’t true at all for LionPATH. Therefore, Craigslist still trumps our university’s multi-million dollar student information system.

Penn State’s Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania’s (SNAP) Site



A Penn State website that appears to have last been updated in 2000? Still better than LionPATH, which looks like it was also last updated in 2000 but was really last updated in 2016.


This website featuring a cartoon rendering of a single crouton is more visually appealing than a site Penn State spent $66 million on.



Somehow this website, which is just a continuous GIF of dogs running across a neon background that says “DOGS,” gives me less of a headache than LionPATH…probably because on this site, I’m not worried that I’m not going to get the classes I need to take because I can’t get on the watchlist because it no longer exists and there’s no crippling fear that I’m going to be stuck in college for the rest of my life drowning in debt. Nope, it’s just dogs. Dogs are cute. Yay dogs.

I have absolutely no idea what this website,, is but I accidentally went to it when I was actually trying to get on our LionPATH to schedule (that right there should tell you something). Whatever it is, it’s pretty ugly considering it’s a site for software developers. At least the navigation is easy and they thanked me for visiting. The site, called LIONpath, even features a picture of a tiger. So even though they have the wrong animal, the picture is better than the weird lion logo in the upper left-hand corner of LionPATH. is so much better than LionPATH.

Did we mention LionPATH cost $66 million?

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