Original Joe Paterno Statue Sculptors Create Kickstarter For ‘Better’ Statue

Not only are the original Joe Paterno statue sculptors Yesid Gomez and Wilfer Buitrago building a new statue to honor the Penn State legend, but according to them it’s even better than the first one. The pair created a Kickstarter for the project to reach their ultimate goal of completing the statue for Penn State’s season opener September 3.

“Joe Paterno was a humble man and the pose with his finger up is one he rarely took, instead preferring an upright fist of solidarity. We also wished to show him closer to his age, and with more grace in his clothing and movement,” the sculptors explained in the Kickstarter’s Q&A section.

They’ve finished the sculpture in red clay over the past three months, but they still need to cast it in bronze. The funds from the Kickstarter will go towards the final mold and cast process, and they hope to travel to a “trusted foundry” in Colombia to get it cast as quickly as possible.

Their intentions extend further than Honoring Joe in one particular place. “Our ultimate goal is to bring the statue to the September 3rd Kickoff at Penn State and show the world that we are still 409 and that Joe Paterno is back,” they said on the Kickstarter’s page. “After that we plan to tour the country and showcase the statue in places that were meaningful to Paterno, with the ultimate goal being having the statue reinstated or placed as an exhibition.”

Start practicing your best poses.

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