Penn State Asks Students To Update Wireless Setup Ahead Of Repair

Students, rejoice. Penn State will finally fix a recurring issue with its WiFi that’s been causing connection problems.

A new certificate will be installed on Oct. 11 that will repair the user authentication problems that have been plaguing “psu” wireless the past couple of weeks. Prior to this installment, Penn State is asking that all students and staff update their wireless setups to avoid problems after Oct. 11. Penn State has said the updates should only take a few minutes to complete, and that Android users will not require an update of any sort.

The instructions for the necessary updates provided by Penn State are shown below:

Instructions For Most Devices

(Note: Android users need to take no action; Linux users, please read specific information in the FAQs.)

  1. Download or print the setup instructions.
  2. Visit
    • Note: After 6:00 a.m. on October 11, individuals at any Penn State campus location will need to connect to the “psuwirelesssetup” wireless network to access this website.
  3. Choose “Penn State Wireless.”
  4. Choose “Click here to get set up for Penn State Wireless.”
  5. The operating system of the device you are using will be automatically detected and displayed.
  6. If you are using a Windows device, click “Download Penn State Wireless + Eduroam Installer.” For non-Windows operating systems, choose “Click Here for Instructions” or the “Setup” button.
  7. Follow the wireless setup instructions for your device’s operating system.
  8. Repeat this process for each of the non-Android wireless-enabled devices you use on the “psu” and “eduroam” wireless networks.
  9. If you need assistance, contact your unit’s IT support or call 814-865-4357.

If you complete all the updates by the installation date, you should have no problems when the new certificates are put into place. Now you won’t have any reason to put off that homework any longer.

Click here for more information on the update.

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