THON Announces 2017 Theme: ‘Igniting Hope Within’

As per THON and Homecoming tradition, the THON Executive Committee announced the theme for THON 2017 before the Homecoming parade kicked off this evening. Your 2017 THON theme is: “Igniting Hope Within.”

“Penn State students are unlike any other, and just as THON has ignited a selfless pursuit for compassion in our hearts, it has also ignited a community with a sense of purpose for a greater good,” THON said of the selection.

Revealing the theme is always a major milestone in the journey toward THON. Now that the theme is released, steam will begin to pick up and activities like the THON 5k, 100 days until THON, and the family carnival are just around the corner. There is already one of two canning weekends in the books, and THON volunteers will again travel out for the second over the weekend of October 28-30.

“The Executive Committee is thrilled to announce the theme for THON 2017,” said Public Relations Director Sam Sherlock. “We hope that this theme will serve as an inspiration for Four Diamonds families, student volunteers, and all those who take part in our mission.”

The theme, as most, is transcendent of THON’s overall mission but will be especially prevalent throughout the journey to and during THON 2017. “Igniting Hope Within isn’t something new to THON 2017. This is an action we have engaged in for years, and one that we will always aspire to continue,” THON further explained of the theme.

Keep an eye our for the THON float during the Homecoming Parade tonight. We dance in 133!

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