Overheard On Twitter: The People Who Believed In Penn State Circa 2012

It all started a few weeks ago. As the college football story of the year was developing in front of our eyes, Twitter didn’t forget where it all began. Twitter never forgets.

These days, Penn State Twitter is flooded with tweets from folks who doubted the Nittany Lions would ever bounce back.

It’s fun to remind these people how wrong they were. It’s also a testament to how hard this team worked to build up from nothing to the top five. If you can believe it, though, not everyone was a Penn State doubter when doubting Penn State was the easiest thing to do.

It really was Penn State vs. Everybody for a long time, so you can count national supporters on one hand, but here are some throwback tweets from those who always believed in (or at least were somewhat positive about) Penn State:

Gilliam kept his promise and his whole class became something for the Nittany Lion faithful to believe in. Majority of them tweeted similar things, and you have to respect the  vocal, steadfast dedication.

Speaks for itself.

Raise your hand if Kirk Herbstreit isn’t your favorite Ohio State alum. No one? Thought so.

It was surprisingly difficult to find rational takes like this back in 2012.

Former receiver (now ‘Coach’ at Davenport)  Matt Zanellato was among the key group of players who decided against transferring to another school.

Again, this might not seem like resounding support, but the nation really wasn’t saying anything positive.


If we missed any, feel free to leave them in the comments or tweet them at us! Positivity is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? 

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