THON Family Carnival Makes Every Mission Possible

THON created memories in a new atmosphere yesterday in the IM Building for the annual Family Carnival, a unique event that brings THON families and volunteers together for lots of games, laughter, and THON staples.

The gym was transformed into something reminiscent of the BJC floor during THON weekend, but with a lot more art. There were pictures and drawings and colorful signs everywhere, as well as many various THON volunteers.

The carnival began with hundreds of kids running through a human tunnel of cheers. After that, it was off to the races, as committee members, organizations, and families embraced the theme of this year’s family carnival: Mission Possible.


From Guardians of the Galaxy to Legends of the Hidden Jungle, the kids went from booth to booth and were treated with games, friends, and fun, all while trying to “complete their mission.” The booths were organized by various captain committees, and kids got a check mark at each one, getting them one step closer to completing their mission.

The Family Carnival is always a big day for the Family Relations committee that organizes so much of the festivities.

“It’s amazing because it’s a day for everyone to get together and get excited for THON,” Family Relations captain Grace Desjardins said. “It’s a great opportunity for orgs and other committees to interact with families.”

Ninety-four families were on the list this year, and for the Keim family, the event is an exciting one that gets everyone one weekend closer to the most fun weekend of the year for these kids. The Keim’s attended for the third year, saying what the kids love most about Family Carnival is “seeing friends, making friends, finding other THON kids and being able to talk to them.”


The fun and games were just the beginning. Next were the Family Carnival performaces followed by the line dance. In carnival tradition, THON capped off the afternoon by revealing the 2017 logo for “Igniting Hope Within:”

We dance in 75 days!

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