Overheard On Twitter: Jabrill Peppers Is Fine With Being Ranked Below Penn State

Following the release of the final College Football Playoff rankings yesterday, there were several questions left unanswered: How can the committee overlook Washington’s weak out of conference schedule when it is ranked 127th out of 128? How is Ohio State ranked ahead of a team that beat them and won their conference? And how is Michigan ranked below a team they beat by 39?

Michigan’s star all-around athlete Jabrill Peppers took to twitter last night to explain the latter. He is completely fine with Penn State being ranked ahead of his Wolverines.

Coming from a rival player of this magnitude, it shows you the kind of respect Penn State has gained over the final two months of the season. The country and all of college football is starting to realize that this season wasn’t a fluke and that Penn State is a truly a good team. Respect to Peppers for being one of the first people to admit it.

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