Overheard On Twitter: The Thirst For Penn State Football Players Is Real

Twitter user @nyclieber turned women and men from all walks of life into sex-crazed teens when she posted a picture of Penn State football posing shirtless from one of its Rose Bowl hotel workouts:

The Tweet promptly blew up and it seemed like every one of the 148 responses was more aggressive than the last. The football team eventually caught wind:

See the thirst for yourself, but proceed with caution:




@lifewkc’s dreams are crushed.



Good lord.

Grant Haley arrived to give the people what they want — @s. Also, stellar crop job from @brelixir.



I guess this is one reason to apply to Penn State.



This happened like, 15 times throughout this thread. If any of you end up getting in relationships from this, please submit a Penn State love story to us. What a time to be alive.



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