Penn State Campus Residential Dining Celebrates THON

Penn State Campus Residential Dining is ready to ignite hope within as THON weekend approaches, February 17 -19. In preparation for the weekend festivities, Penn State Campus Residential Dining will support the THON community in efforts to stay healthy and energized as students endure on their adventure to fight for a cure, For the Kids.

Penn State Campus Residential Dining will be donating 250 meals to THON during the weekend. These meals will be distributed to guests at the Bryce Jordan Center throughout the course of the weekend in order to keep attendees active. The temperatures may be low on Friday, but Penn State Campus Residential Dining will keep the enthusiasm high while serving hot chocolate from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. to the students waiting in line near the All-Sports Museum.

Staff will be supporting the cause by wearing THON merchandise throughout the philanthropy filled weekend. Parents and families will also receive meal deals at dining locations in honor of THON. Parents and families will be offered $7 deals for dinner on Friday, February 17 through brunch on Sunday, February 19. Leading up to THON events, participants can find healthy meals and snacks options labeled, “Dietitian Approved” at convenience stores and dining halls across campus. These suggested meals and treats are to ensure that participants are consuming the proper amount of nutrition as the weekend approaches.

As THON weekend comes to an end, dancers will receive a courtesy dinner on Monday, February 20, at any of the five dining locations on campus. Upon arrival, dancers will be asked to show the dance number they were assigned during the weekend.

Penn State Campus Residential Dining is proud to support the largest student-run philanthropy committee as they fight to change lives, and find a cure for pediatric cancer.

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