Fate Fell Short This Time: Twitter Swore Blink-182 Was At The BJC, Fake News

If you’ve been inside the BJC recently, chances are you know someone who knows someone who was absolutely positive Blink-182 was making an appearance at THON 2017.

At first this pipe dream seemed attainable — even likely — for some reason. DNCE’s impromptu visit and general Twitter fodder could be to blame. Other sources of the rumors, AKA various committee members, seemed kinda legit. I also convinced myself the stage was set up differently (so of course that meant Blink was coming, right?)

The hours are dwindling down, though, and it’s becoming clear — fate fell short this time. It’s not the summer, but my smile fades every time I realize Blink 182 just probably isn’t coming to THON. Think about it.

Maybe I’m gullible for even entertaining the thought in the first place, maybe I’m just a blind optimist — but I’m not the only one:

Come on, Megan. At least abide by the number one rule of the internet: Pics or it didn’t happen.

My first mistake was reading into a Collegian writer’s tweet.

I don’t know, Jenny. It seems a little bold for Blink 182 to love playing at THON considering it has never played at THON.

Can’t miss it if it doesn’t happen…

Guess you can just get on with it then…

How is this a thing? Rachel’s friends should be ashamed. We never even deserved Blink-182.

FAKE NEWS! I’m tired of all the crooked tweeters in the BJC. Sad!

Where are you, Blink? And I’m so sorry (about @rachel_elyssa’s friends).

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