THON Org Profile: Penn State Worthington Scranton

Hidden up in section 209 of the Bryce Jordan Center might be one of the most vibrant orgs to grace THON 2017.

Branch campus Penn State Worthington Scranton, spotable with its neon pink letters “PSWS” hanging over the upper deck guard rail, sent a number of people to cheer on its two dancers this weekend. We spoke with the campus’ SGA President Shawna Corcoran to learn more about this group’s journey to THON.

Onward State: Tell us about your org and what you do for THON?

Shawna Corcoran: We are Penn State Worthington Scranton’s THON organization and we just do a lot of fundraisers throughout the year. Our two biggest are our purse bingo and our Zumba-THON. We try to get all of our school involved. We make sure our clubs get involved. It’s just an entire campus effort.

OS: How far of a drive is it to make it out to the BJC for THON weekend?

SC: It’s about two hours, or a little over that. Our dancers come down Thursday night to meet up with our DRPM and we actually had two minivans come out Friday afternoon to get here for 4 p.m.

OS: What’s you’re favorite part of THON so far?

I love the Pep Rally. It’s usually one of my favorite parts. I also always love family hour too, so I’m really excited for that.

OS: What team was your favorite from the Pep Rally?

Men’s gymnastics, absolutely.

OS: Do you guys stay in the BJC for all of THON/Where do you go when not in the BJC?

We do sleep shifts. We always make sure there are people here to cheer our two dancers on. We also understand that it is physically taxing, so we make sure that they get enough rest too. We rent rooms at a hotel and we kind of do that. It’s like eight people in one room, so it’s a bit crazy.

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