How To Make The Most Of A Penn State Snow Day

When Penn State gets a rare and coveted snow day, your first inclination is probably to catch up on some sleep or to get some homework done ahead of time — typical. But campus has so much to offer on a snowy day both aesthetically and athletically, so why waste it?

Take a look at this list of snow day activities and enjoy your day off to the fullest:

Sledding in Happy Valley

This is arguably the one occasion where living in a valley has its perks. The obvious choice for sledding is the hill outside of the Bryce Jordan Center — but you can also make the trek to the hill south of Medlar Field if you want a spot for you and your friends.

Most people don’t bring a sled with them to college, but there are a few alternatives. You can use a plastic bin or lid from under your bed, a clear trash bag from the residence halls, or a dining hall tray if you’re really desperate.

Start a Snowball Fight

The hot spot for snowball fights is usually the East Halls quad, but unfortunately, it’s fenced off and under construction. Take your snowball brawl to the HUB lawn or Old Main lawn instead — there are bound to be others with the same idea as you, and now you’ve got teams.

Skip the Coffee: Opt for Hot Chocolate

There’s no need to chug down three cups of coffee this morning because you don’t have to worry about that 9:05 a.m. class. Warm up with some delicious hot chocolate instead — the results of our last Cocoa Crawl determined the best hot chocolate in town.

Take Some Basic Snow Pictures

You know the drill. Grab your parka with the fur hood, your mittens, and your Bean boots and hit up Penn State’s Insta-worthy locations like the Nittany Lion Shrine, Old Main, or the Allen Street Gates. A candid smile, some snow thrown up in the air, and a Happy Valley geotag make the formula for a classic Penn State photo.

Hunker Down in a Pillow Fort

If you just can’t bring yourself to change out of your pajamas, order some food and conjure up some child-like imagination. Get all the pillows and blankets in your apartment or dorm and build yourself a pillow fort. It may just be a slightly more exciting way to pig out and watch Netflix, but at least you’ll actually make something out of the day instead of waking up at 3 p.m.

Write “It’s A Snow Day and Michigan Still Sucks” In the Snow

Pretty self-explanatory.

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