Penn State Campus Residential Dining Presents, Vacances En France

Grab your passports, and get ready for a tour of France, Penn State style! Penn State Campus Residential Dining invites students and staff to board flight for a tour of France! In celebration of the ending to the school year, guests are invited by Penn State kitchen pilots to board the plane and explore the rich and savory flavors of French cuisine. The event will take place April 11, 2017 at all five dining locations across Penn State University Park Campus.

Get ready for a food tasting of a lifetime! Students and staff will be greeted with a large variety of french cuisine during regular dinner hours. From traditional soups like french onion, golden lentil, and soupe de poisson, to customized bread bars featuring baguettes, sundried tomato aioli, smoked salmon boursin cheese spread and much more, Penn State Campus Residential Dining plans to leave guests nothing less than satisfied.

At the start of the tour, Mock Bloody Mary’s and Sparkling Red Grape Juice will be served to guests as they explore the various dishes displayed throughout the dining hall. Guests will have the opportunity to choose from upscale dishes like carved garlic rosemary leg of lamb with red pistou, chicken coq au vin and much more! These will be accompanied with side dishes like rosemary garlic seasoned fries, ratatouille and asparagus gribiche. Guests can end the night by treating themselves to the rich taste of fig tart and madeleines for dessert.

Dinner begins at 5 p.m. and ends at 8 p.m., however, these times vary upon location. For more information on dining hall hours please visit

Don’t miss out on the chance to celebrate the end of the semester, with a Vacances En France with Penn State Campus Residential Dining.

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