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In a time where we expect our WiFi connection to be constant and immediate, Penn State’s is often infuriating. Some buildings take forever to connect, have a slow connection, or just are complete dead zones. UPUA is hoping to fix some of these woes but first wants to hear where their work would best be focused.

The student government put out a survey this week asking students to identify where they have the most problems with Penn State’s WiFi. Instead of just setting out to try to improve Penn State’s WiFi overall — a daunting task — UPUA will focus its efforts where you say they should be focused.

The survey also asks about other day-to-day technologies, including email, document storage, and calendars. One of newly-elected president and vice president Katie Jordan and Alex Shockley’s platform initiatives is to move from Penn State’s Webmail and hopefully to a third-party system like Gmail or Office 365.

Former Facilities Chair and current Speaker Brent Rice says the survey takes no more than five minutes to complete, but as someone who’s taken the survey, I can attest to the fact that it takes even less than time that — it’s  only six questions long, and four of those are multiple choice. If you want to help fix Penn State’s WiFi and other daily technologies, you can take the survey here. Don’t say UPUA never gave you anything.

(UPUA gives you a lot of things I just really wanted to include this scene from One Tree Hill.)

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