Piazza Family On GMA: ‘This Was Planned And Orchestrated, And They All Need To Be Held Accountable’

Timothy Piazza’s family went on several morning talk shows Monday to discuss the 18 charged Beta Theta Pi brothers’ criminal proceedings and changes they hope to make to university Greek Life going forward.

His father, Jim, mother, Evelyn, and brother, Mike all appeared on Good Morning America, starting the conversation with the issues of bid acceptance night.

“[The Beta Theta Pi brothers] intended to bring these individuals to alcohol poisoning levels right from the outset,” Jim Piazza said. “This was planned and orchestrated, and I think they all need to be held accountable.”

“I don’t know where their conscience was or where the voice in the back of their head was saying ‘he’s hurt. I’ve got to do the right thing,'” Evelyn Piazza said. “I don’t understand how they could be so heartless and inhumane.”

Also Penn State student, Mike Piazza said that he talked to Timothy about joining a frat..

“I advised him to just be cautious,” Mike Piazza said. “I knew that it was something I necessarily didn’t feel that I fit in with. I was concerned that he wouldn’t really find his place there. So I just advised him to keep his wits about him, but ultimately do whatever he felt comfortable with.”

The Piazzas, who plan on going forward with a wrongful death lawsuit against the university and the Beta Theta Pi brothers, hope that a message is sent with the upcoming criminal proceedings — which start with the preliminary hearings on June 12.

“First of all, we need to have a statement be made with these criminal proceedings,” Jim Piazza said. “Secondly, we need Penn State to step up. They’re one of the largest organizations in the country. They need to make significant changes and make a difference.”

The goal isn’t just to make a change at Penn State, but to change the culture of Greek Life everywhere.

“The rest of the country is watching. We’ve received hundreds of cards and letters from people that we don’t know, asking us to stick with this, hold people accountable, and be the advocate of change, and that’s what we’re here to do,” Jim Piazza said.

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