Overheard At Champs Midget Wrestling

Once again midget wrestling made an appearance at Champs Downtown Tuesday night and it was far from a disappointment. Between body slams, chair flinging, and everything in between, a lot happened in the mini ring located down in the basement of Champs.

When you’re around so many immature people watching an event like this and you mix that experience with alcohol, you’re bound to get a few gems of quotes. So once again, we present to you overheard at midget wrestling:

As always, these are real quotes from unsuspecting onlookers.

Guy in a green v neck: “How much do you think a midget weighs?”

Midget MC: “I love being short because I can see under all of these short skirts!”

Overzealous female fan: “Pull down your pants!”

Girl in a dress way too nice for midget wrestling: “How many shots can a midget drink before he throws up!?!? Oh my god he’s had like 3!”

Way too intoxicated for a Tuesday night guy: “[email protected]&$ing midget. You’re short!”

Condescending dude: “Haha what do you think these guys wear? Kids mediums?”

Dude in red and blue polo: “Doesn’t get more American than this. Free enterprise for the win.”

Steve O (midget wrestler): “Hey you! Yeah you! Look at me. Thank you, now you have hepatitis.”

Mad Mex (another midget wrestler): “Hey Chuckie, the only reason why you won was because you were more sober than me.”

Guy in a myrtle beach shirt– “Take your top off!”

Exuberant fan in a gray shirt– “KICK HIS ASS CHUCKIE!”

Dude in a black V-Neck: “I want blood or I want my money back.”

Upset bouncer: “If these kids don’t shut up I’m kicking their asses out.”

Girl in a pink blouse: “Damn I could shotgun faster than Steve O.”

Extremely accurate onlooker: “That one guy is trying to look like a pimp but he just looks like John Snow from Game of Thrones.”

Concerned female patron: “Oh my god he just bit his dick, is he okay!?!?”

Girl staring in awe at a midget on midget body slam: “This place is absolutely insane.”

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