College GameDay Trucks Arrive At Old Main

ESPN’s College GameDay is officially in our city.

The trucks, first spotted rolling past Beaver Stadium and Nittanyville just after 8 p.m., made their way down through campus and to Old Main. The show will broadcast live from the picturesque Penn State landmark Saturday morning but will begin setting up the set as early as tomorrow.

Some of the trucks backed into the small Old Main parking lot, where they will remain overnight. The remainder line Pollock Road (which clearly wasn’t designed for tractor-trailers) between Willard and Carnegie. There are approximately six trucks total, which makes sense if you’ve ever seen the College GameDay set up.

University Police and GameDay personnel onsite said set up will begin bright and early tomorrow morning — security is due on site at 7:30 a.m. and unpacking is expected to begin around 9 a.m.

Small orange flags were plotted around Old Main lawn, which we can only assume mark the location that the stage will set up. Or, as one of our Twitter followers pointed out, they could be marking the utilities that cross campus. #CallBeforeYouDig

The College GameDay crew is expected to arrive Friday and will begin preparing for the broadcast and filming other shows for ESPN, namely College Football Live on Friday afternoon. We’ll keep you updated as set up continues and as the game day (and GameDay) festivities progress.

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