IFC Says No Chapters Registered For State Patty’s Social

Penn State’s Interfraternity Council wants to make a statement State Patty’s Day, claiming that none of its chapters registered for a social during Happy Valley’s unofficial drinking holiday this weekend.

“We commend the maturity and leadership that they displayed with their collective decision,” IFC released on the absence of socials State Patty’s Day. “We fully support their decision. We are encouraged by their display of commitment to the safety of their members, and their continued commitment to being the change that the Greek community strives toward.”

In the past, IFC has done everything from banning all parties on the day to limiting Greek festivities to just one-on-one socials in more recent years. With the suspension of all socials last year following the death of Tim Piazza at Beta Theta Pi in early February, there weren’t any official Greek activities happening during the previous State Patty’s Day.

Greek life restrictions issued in the past year would have limited whatever State Patty’s socials frats would’ve been able to hold, but IFC is eyeing “culture change,” which it likely hopes to exemplify across the board with this public move.

Penn State and the State College Police Department have been trying to crack down on the State Patty’s Day debauchery for years. The university hasn’t paid the bars to close recently, but still places restrictions, such as issuing guest limits in on-campus housing. Meanwhile, the police department has sent out its yearly warning that it will continue to crack down on the festivities.