Day: February 28, 2018

3-D Printing Club Fits The Lion Shrine With A New Right Ear

The bright blue of the molded ear stands out against the rest of the statue, but the 3-D Printing Club says that was intentional.

Atherton Street Utility Maintenance Project Begins, Closes Lanes

The project will temporarily close the northbound travel (right) lane from Blue Course Drive to Park Avenue, and will also shut down the street’s north and southbound passing (left) lanes between Cherry Lane and Blue Course Drive in early March.

Penn Staters Campaigning For With Purpose In National Competition

The campaign sheds light on the fact that there have been few advancements in pediatric cancer research since the 1970s, and is designed to spread awareness and advocate for further research and funding.

E-Fest East Highlights Innovation Through Competition

Penn State engineering students have an opportunity to showcase their innovation, invention, and creativity during E-Fest East on April 14.

Penn State Announces Spring Break Parking And Transit Changes

Penn State Parking will allow commuters to park in extra lots over spring break while the White Loop and Green Link will not run.

Why Penn State’s Kevin Kerr Skates Better Than Your Average Defenseman

Kevin Kerr’s childhood coach stressed the importance of being a balanced player and honing his skating skills from an early age — something the junior defenseman hasn’t forgotten.

Penn State Hillel & Opulence Drag Ambassadors Join Forces To Host Purim Drag Show

Attendance to the show is free, but attendees are encouraged to “honor their inner Queen Esther” and wear their best costumes to the event.

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