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Which Forum Classroom Is The Best (Or Least Bad)?

Odds are, you’ve had at least one class in Forum, so you’re quite familiar with its bland feel and heavily populated lecture halls. If you haven’t, and have been able to finesse all your gen eds in Thomas’ snazzy auditoriums, consider yourself lucky.

But for the many who’ve had a class there, odds are your experiences have made for strong opinions about the specific classrooms you’ve had the privilege of using. Each one is different, but which classroom in Forum is actually the best? And by best, we mean least bad.

Our staff decided to try to find out which classroom in Forum is the superior place to fall asleep in during CHEM 110.

Forum 111

This classroom has a lot going for it. The red seats are the most aesthetically pleasing out of all the seats in Forum. They aren’t as comfortable as other desks on campus, but they’re still pretty nice. The desks are old, but for the most part, they’re sturdy enough to take notes on.

The issue in Forum 111 is consistency. The first two rows in this classroom are not the same as the rest. They are cushioned seats and are an ugly green color. But, man, are those seats comfortable. It’s kind of like a reward for sitting up front and being an active listener to the professor. The other interesting note is that it’s the only classroom that has these cushioned seats, so if you really want a comfortable seat, front row Forum 111 is where it is at.

Forum 108

Right next door to Forum 111 is the worst classroom in the building. Commonly used as the chem lecture room since it has all the equipment needed to create an effective learning environment, one would think it would actually be comfortable and at the very least be average. But no, that is not the case.

The desks are not great at all; they are old and rusty and just plain gross. The dark blue seats are not very fun to look at, and it is just a cramped place to be. The seats are so small that you can’t take your coat off in the winter if you want to have the most room as possible. Overall, it is not the place to be.

Forum 105

Besides that random desk in the front of the room, Forum 105 is actually a pretty solid classroom. The black chairs actually work out in its favor when looking at its aesthetic. For the most part, the desks are actually functional, but some do have their flaws. Some of those desks are tiny and not great to write on, so it may be best to bring something else to write on.

There are fewer seats per row than the other Forum classrooms, which means it is much more spacious as well. And while the plastic chairs are the same as all of the other classrooms, for some reason, these are just more comfortable. Probably because you are slightly less cramped than you would be in the other three Forum classrooms.

Forum 102

Forum 102 is probably the most average of the four classrooms. The chairs are dark green, which is fine. It isn’t the greatest color choice, but it certainly isn’t the worst. It is bigger than 105 and 108, so don’t expect that extra leg room when the class is fully packed.

The desks have more damage to them than others, partly due to the fact that a lot of people use them. The desks in 102 and 108 are some of the worst desks on campus, let alone in Forum. It isn’t the worst room by any stretch, but it certainly is not the most ideal spot for a 90 minute class.

The Verdict

After careful research and debate, the clear best classroom in Forum is 111. The red chairs are nice to look at, and the diligent students are rewarded with the only cushioned seats in the building. Some of the desks may be an issue, but that’s expected in a decrepit place like Forum, so there are enough solid ones to compensate for the broken ones. All these factors combined, Forum 111 is the best spot in what arguably may be the worst building on campus.

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About the Author

Owen Abbey

Owen Abbey is a sophomore from Annapolis, Maryland, majoring in Secondary Education and minoring in Social Justice in Education. When he is not writing for the blog, he enjoys rooting for the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens, supporting Penn State basketball and softball, watching way too much Netflix, and yes mom, actually doing schoolwork. If you would like to talk about sports or your favorite tv show, the best way to reach out is on Twitter @theowenabbey. All other compliments may be sent to [email protected]


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