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10 Questions With State College Sensation ‘Hot UPS Bae’

Between Squirrel Girl, Mike the Mailman, and the Willard Preacher, Penn State has its fair share of famous figures around campus. Its latest legend, a delivery driver affectionately referred to as “Hot UPS Bae,” has become the talk of the town this semester.

The UPS driver, also known as Conor McCann, rose to fame across the nation thanks to an influx of viral TikTok videos.

We sat down with McCann to learn more about his newfound fame, life as a UPS worker, and whether or not he’s on the market.

Courtesy of Conor McCann

Onward State: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

UPS Bae: My first name is actually Michael, but I’ve gone by my middle name, Conor, my entire life. I am 27 years old and was born and raised right here in Happy Valley by two awesome parents that I really look up to. I also have two amazing younger brothers named Alex and Aidan, so between the three of us, we are extremely competitive.

After high school, I played lacrosse at Essex, located in Baltimore, which is the hotbed of lacrosse, until I broke my ankle and eventually transferred to IUP. My dad is from Cleveland so unfortunately, I am a Cleveland sports fan, but when it’s game day in State College I will always be rooting for Penn State.

OS: How long have you worked for UPS, and what do you do on the job?

UB: I have worked for UPS since 2017. A typical day on the job starts at our facility where all our trucks are parked inside a warehouse and are loaded up so when the drivers arrive the trucks are ready to go. We have a morning meeting every day with the supervisors and the point of this is to hit some focal points on safety and other important reminders.

Once I leave the facility I start my route by delivering what we call “next day air packages,” which are time-committed and have to be delivered by 10:30 a.m. These are typically important packages that have been paid extra and can include medicine or special documents.

I also deliver to many businesses downtown like The Family Clothesline and the Student Bookstore. Once I finish delivering to businesses I’ll continue my route by going apartment building to apartment building. Later in the afternoon, I have to start my “pickups” which include going back to businesses to pick up everything that they are shipping out for the day. I don’t get to go home until all my deliveries and pickups are complete, which sometimes is late into the night. 

OS: How did you first react to finding out that you were Penn State famous and a TikTok sensation?

UB: I remember late that afternoon I started getting phone calls, texts, DMs, Snaps, and TikToks about the first video that went viral. So when I heard, I was definitely shocked, but all I could do was laugh. I thought it was pretty awesome to be recognized in such a way, so naturally, I was completely honored and overwhelmed with positivity. This was a very humbling experience and no better place to be than Penn State.

OS: How do you feel about your newfound fame and constantly being recorded by strangers?

UB: Well, it was definitely strange at first considering what lengths people would go to get a video. They would hide behind corners, in elevators, hallways, cars, through windows, and even bushes to try and get a shot. However, I’ve played sports my entire life so I am used to being watched in pressure situations. I just never expected it to be something that happened as a UPS driver. 

OS: What has been your funniest/ most interesting experience with Penn State students on the job?

UB: Penn State students are awesome. We obviously have the best fans in the nation. But I really enjoy their gestures of kindness like leaving me notes in my truck and saying hello to me outside or when I’m in their apartment buildings.

Or when they scream out my name from their balconies I can’t help but smile. Lots of positive energy and great vibes going on downtown. There have been some wild experiences and I definitely get to do cool stuff every day. For example, I met the “Mario Kart Man” and he let me take his kart for a spin. 

OS: How did your boss and coworkers react when you started to gain Internet popularity?

UB: I remember my boss approaching me at our morning PCM meeting the first Monday after the initial video went viral. He cracked a big smile, pulled his phone out, and asked, “What do you think of this?” He then played me the barstool video on Instagram and I facetiously replied, “That’s a bad man.” We shared a laugh and then went over some UPS policies to keep in mind.

My work associates are great people and I really appreciate their years of service. Throughout this entire experience, they have been nothing but supportive, and some even joke around by calling me “Hollywood” and teasing me about it. 

OS: Many would say that your tattoo arm sleeve is part of your signature look. What is your tattoo design, and what is the significance? 

UB: I’ve always been interested in ancient Egypt and Egyptian history. I have Egyptian gods, pyramids, scarabs, an ankh, camels, an hourglass, and a sphinx all on my left arm. I also got my entire chest completely bombed with a raven, a wolf, and an owl all in a nature/forest setting. These animals represent different things for me, periods of my life, and specific life experiences I’ve lived through. I consider my body a canvas consisting of around 40 hours of hard work under the tattoo gun.

However, the most significant tattoo I have is my dog Maggie’s paw print.  This one is particularly special because we grew up together and she passed away in 2017. Before I said my final goodbye to her, I inked and stamped her paw. I later got this exact design tattooed on my ribs. Justin Kephart is a true artist at Ikonic Ink and he’s done all my work. So go see him and tell him I sent you. 

OS: Will you continue to be the “Hot UPS Bae” for years to come, or do you have other life plans moving forward?

UB: I’m not a fortune teller, but I do take care of myself by working out and eating healthy. I typically put in about 75 miles a week on foot between my job and how much I run which I really enjoy. I plan to be a UPS driver for the foreseeable future and would eventually like to work up to management or even explore other career options and opportunities.

But for now, I enjoy my job. I love interacting with people, being busy, being outside, and physically active. I have great co-workers and it’s a great company with outstanding benefits.

OS: And now for the question that all of the Penn State ladies have been waiting for….Are you in a relationship, and if not, would you consider going on a date with a “Hot UPS Bae” fan?

UB: I actually met the girl I’m currently talking to while I was at work one morning and it happened just days before everything went viral. I was crossing the street and I noticed her and her friend checking me out as they drove past. A few minutes later she found me again and had the courage to come up to me so she could introduce herself and ask for my number which was extremely flattering even though I could tell she was quite nervous.

We still laugh about how she “accosted” me on the street which is just our inside joke! Depending on the setting, I’m always open to meet fans.

Courtesy of Conor McCann

OS: As per Onward State tradition, if you could be any dinosaur, which would you be and why?

UB: Easy. I would be a pteranodon because they were the kings of the sky. I value freedom, independence, and because it fits my bold and feisty personality.

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