Your Craziest & Funniest Stories From Penn State Classes: Part One

A few weeks ago, we asked you to send in some stories of the wildest or funniest things you’ve ever witnessed during class. And boy, you did not disappoint.

At a school of Penn State’s size, it seems that truly anything can happen during class, including blasting R-rated music to wearing costumes in class. Keep reading to hear more about what folks have witnessed in some truly “WTF” moments.

Soc 001…More Like Rap 101?

Class: Soc 001
When this occurred: October 2021

“My professor played Lil’ Wayne’s ‘Pussy Monster’in class while putting the lyrics on the screen to make a point about how societal standards for music have changed. He moved his mouse along with the lyrics…like a sing-along.”

How To Make Chem 110 Less Miserable: A Harmonica

Class: Chem 110
When this occurred: Fall 2018

“Before class started in the Forum building, a student in the front few rows was playing a couple of quick notes on a harmonica every minute or so, but loudly enough to be heard from where I was sitting in the back row. When people settled down for class he didn’t stop. For the first five minutes of class, he would keep playing a few notes every minute or so, and when the professor asked him to knock it off and if he was even in the class, he just stood up, said ‘no’ and walked out while still playing his harmonica. As far as I could tell, no one actually knew who the guy was at the time.”

“I could hear it, I could smell it, I could practically taste it.”

Class: Econ 102
When this occurred: October 2019

“I was right next to the Forum Shitter during my Econ 102 exam. I could hear it, I could smell it, I could practically taste it.”

A Professor Who Has Their Priorities Straight

Class: PLSC 425
When this occurred: 2015-16 academic year

“I had a professor in my political science major who I knew well over the years and knew he was a big SEC football fan, as he went to Ole Miss for his Ph.D. It was a small, tight-knit, 400 level political science course and frequently we’d raise our hand if political news happened to share it with the class. One day, Twitter rumors were abundant that Lane Kiffin, who was at the time Alabama’s offensive coordinator, had slept with Nick Saban’s daughter, Kristen. I raised my hand and shared the news and the place erupted. He let us out with 15 minutes left.”

Putting Your Education To Good Use

Class: Econ 102
When this occurred: Fall 2021

“Our professor asked us how much a rock of coke costs. A kid from California accurately priced the crack rock.”

Leaving Class Early…In Handcuffs?

Class: Nutrition 214
When this occurred: Spring 1995

“It was spring semester 1995 Nutrition 214 in Willard Building taught by Dr. Joseph A. Milner. The class had about 200 students. One day at the beginning of class Dr. Milner said he had an announcement. At that point, two State College police officers walked into the class. Dr. Milner then said would the following person please step forward the police would like to talk with you. One of the police officers then handed Dr. Milner the name on a piece of paper. But as soon as the police walked up to the podium, it got so quiet you could hear an ant push a crystal of sugar across the floor. Many students had a look of fearful apprehension on their faces recalling whatever transgressions they may have been involved with during their collegiate career. Whosever name was on that piece of paper was about to take an expensive trip down regret lane. I don’t remember what the name was, but when they called it, everyone just looked around them. After about 30 seconds, which seems like an eternity, the police gave up and left. At that point, the class broke out in humorous smirking.”

State Patty’s Day…Enough Said

Class: Intro to Recreational Tourism
When this occurred: Spring 2012

“I was in an Intro to Recreational Tourism class the Friday before State Patty’s. I can’t remember which classroom we were in but, in the classroom, there were certain rows that went all the way up to the side walls so you could only get out of the row through the center aisle. We were sitting in class when a group of really drunk guys came into the room. They sat right behind me next to some girl who was sitting there, minding her own business, taking notes. Come to find out, these kids weren’t even Penn State students. They just got drunk and thought, ‘Hey, let’s go to class.'”

“So, they start hitting on this girl and getting really obnoxious and she is getting more and more uncomfortable. We are eyeing the professor, trying to get him to take notice. All of a sudden, this very serious professor who, quite honestly, hadn’t shown a ton of personality up to this point, walks right up to them, bends over, and says, ‘Get the f*** out of my classroom.'”

“They scatter. Two run out the center aisle and one runs towards the side. However, he can’t get out. He is so drunk, he gets confused, sits down, and sits there awkwardly for the rest of the class. It was hilarious. After the two left, the professor said, ‘Well…where was I? Oh, right,’ and continues on with his lecture.”

A TikTok Viral Attempt Gone Wrong

Class: Econ 102
When this occurred: Fall 2019

“That viral TikTok guy Josh Popkin, who got arrested for dumping cereal on a subway in NYC a while back, came into my Econ 102 class at Forum and waltzed right down to the front and proceeded to start doing yoga stretches on a yoga mat. Professor Peach didn’t really know what was going on, but then, once she realized it was a prank, she started to freak out on him. Then she basically started to cry after because she was mad that none of us helped her stop him.”

Have more stories to share? Send them our way to potentially be featured on Onward State.

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