What Your Penn State Apartment Complex Says About You

Ah, the smell of fall. Leaves start falling, the morning air becomes crisper, and the undeniable stress of making housing plans for next year is inevitable.

As the tension begins to loom over roommates across the Penn State community, it’s safe to say that choosing your living situation can either be an effortless transition or really messy. Wherever you live, on-campus or off, State College offers a variety of apartments that are sure to either rock your world or make you question every single one of your life decisions.

With that being said, the apartment complex you choose to live in tells more about an individual than you’d think. Therefore, we decided to compile a list of what certain apartment complexes say about their residents.

The Rise

Oh, to be living like Larry.

If you live in The Rise, you’ve peaked in life for sure. You probably thrive in any social setting but don’t mind staying in and parking it on your blue velvet couch for the night. On the weekends, you’re constantly swiping your keys to let randos into the building but don’t mind it because it makes you feel superior to others. Around the first of every month, you avoid looking at your bank account (for good reason). Other than that, you’re a cool, collected individual who takes pride in your apartment.

The Meridian

Forget walking. You’re a Whooper for sure.

The “Dirty Merdi” was probably your last choice in housing, but you constantly try to convince yourself it’s a great place to live. Late to class? Forget it. Most days, you find yourself trucking it up Shortlidge, which most certainly helped to define those calf muscles of yours. You’re probably loud but in a fun and outgoing type of way. No matter what day it is, you always find a reason to blast some DJ Dosk and have yourself a night. It’s the work hard, party harder mindset for those who live in the Meridian.

Nittany Apartments

If you live in Nittany apartments, you’re probably an athlete or a second-year student who thinks the dining hall food is severely underrated. Fear of Spin bikes? Well, electric scooters run through your nightmares. When you’re not fangirling over a football player sighting, you’re probably kicking the sheets and becoming the next academic weapon. For someone who goes to Penn State, you rarely show face on the weekends and enjoy the comfort of your (somewhat) cozy apartment.

Nicholas Towers

Balling on a budget, aren’t you?

Living at Nicholas Towers means one of two things: You’re either a Gumby’s pizza fanatic, or you single-handedly keep the South Pugh Street Subway in business. Either way, you simply can’t go wrong. Maybe you’re hearing the blaring music of your neighbors on frat row, and you’re often tempted to start your weekends on Wednesdays. We don’t blame you! If not, you’re probably already planning your hour-long walk to Beaver Stadium on Saturday. Being a resident at Nicholas Towers will be an ~amazing~ experience, depending on how you view it.

Alexander Court (Or Any Canyon Apartment Complex)

Don’t get too excited — you’re not that special. Remember, Canyon does own four other identical buildings, you know.

If you live in Alexander Court, you probably claim that Roots is the reason you have no money in your bank account. Despite that, you still find yourself compelled to cross the street and splurge on an overpriced grain bowl (as you should). If not at Roots, you often conveniently stumble your way down to College Pizza after a night out. You’re passionate about the Canyon versus College Pizza debate and don’t hesitate to speak your truth. If you live at Alexander Court, you’re not shy to show off your apartment by hosting hangouts or pregames. You’re definitely a great friend, with even better living tastes.

The Legacy

How are those bunk beds?

If you’re a resident in The Legacy, you most definitely called top bunk as a kid. You find it quite the challenge to see if you can make it to your bunk bed after a night out, so maybe you just kick it to the couch. You don’t mind it, though, because when else can you say you lived in an apartment with bunk beds in college? You probably love the thrill of being a student here at Penn State, always finding an excuse to casually sip your cold beverage of choice each weekend. No shame at all.

The Maxxen

Talk about a great location.

Undoubtly, The Maxxen is one of the best places to live downtown. But if you live in The Maxxen, your pockets must be hurting. Chipotle, The Waffle Shop, and D.P. Dough are temptations that threaten your ability to make next month’s rent every single day. Not only are there killer food hotspots that surround your building, but you find yourself gazing out your window every weekend to see the endless line of students waiting to get into Pman. This hurts, especially if you’re under 21. Despite that, you’re proud about making living in The Maxxen your personality trait. Respectfully, we would, too.

Highland Tower


If you live in Highland Tower, you have our prayers. You’re probably a sophomore who hates the hustle of downtown, or simply you just needed a place to live that didn’t break your budget. Either way, you have definitely already established that you won’t be renewing your lease next year. You might not be the cleanest person there is, but you don’t mind doing the dishes once in a while. When friends can’t find your building, you often just tell them to “look for the red balconies.” That usually does the trick.

The Standard

You guys really do set the standard…depending on what the standard is.

The Standard is another great place to live, especially if you’re not worried about a particular budget. With that being said, your list of absolute necessities includes a pool, gym, yoga studio, and tanning bed. You couldn’t care less about the location of your apartment but find it inevitable to hit Starbucks before your day of class. You like to mindlessly splurge on purchases, especially when it comes to the Lululemon x Penn State drop at Family Clothesline. Even though your wallet may not be too fond of you, you’re definitely a fun time and people love to be around you.

Cedar Lofts West

We get it, you’ll host the pregame.

Cedar Lofts West Apartments will never disappoint, and neither will its residents. If you live here, you’re a riot. You often take advantage of the space you’re given, probably putting some sort of furniture on the ledge by your stairs (to be funny of course). You host parties, even for the randos that come knocking at your door. With that many people, you keep at least five air conditioners on hand to make up for the poor airflow your apartment has.

No matter what, you’re always ready to rally. Wednesday? You host. Post-gameday? You’re already sending out texts to friends for a rager at 11 p.m. We get it — you’re the moment.

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