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Best Of Finals Week Yik Yak

Another finals week has come and gone (for most people), and you’re probably still recovering. Good vibes are on the horizon and all the late-night studying will soon fade into a distant memory.

When the anonymous location-based social media app Yik Yak relaunched in 2021, students turned to it to air their grievances with the world. Before you try to forget the last hellish week of your life, let’s look back at some of the hysteria students posted on Yik Yak throughout the week.

“Tomorrow is equivalent to d-day”

Picture this. It’s Sunday night. You had a final at 8 a.m. after a weekend of formals and last-minute cramming. All you could think about was your impending doom.

“One thing about me I will not lose sleep over an exam idc how much I need to study I’ll retake the class before I jeopardize my sleep”

Priorities ?

“What the actual fuck is so hard to understand about ‘this area is designated for quiet study'”

If you can’t keep your mouth shut, get out of the library and walk yourself right on over to the HUB.

“In search of xans”

How down bad do you have to be to ask for drugs on YikYak?

“getting a 98 on the final after failing every exam in this class is a blessing I don’t believe in god but I might now”

God’s Plan.

“if I show up tomorrow at 8 AM to no donuts or coffee bc you lazy fucks couldn’t do your srtes ur gonna regret it”

If you didn’t fill out your SRTEs, you’re a bad person. We don’t make the rules. Departments use this data (Student Rating of Teaching Effectiveness) for course improvement, promotion, tenure evaluations, and all sorts of other boring stuff. If you’re lucky, your professor bribed you with extra credit or food. If you didn’t fill your SRTEs out, take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

“friendly reminder to education majors who don’t have finals, 1, 2, 3 eyes on me is still due at 11:59 tonight”

Education majors stay buying venti Starbucks drinks and counting to 10 in the library.

“Praying I get demolished by a bus before I make it to my final”

Even if this person’s wish came true, you already know they had to take their Physics 212 final with a broken leg.

“going to duo push myself off a cliff”

There’s nothing worse than being on the verge of tears while you’re studying and having to click the two-factor authentication button.

“whoever is taking cmcs200 i say we all riot bc what the actual fuck is this final”

Nothing like Yaking during your Programming For Engineers With Matlab final.

“school cancelled during finals means staying up late getting hammered and making pasta”

Thursday’s finals were postponed to Friday or Saturday due to inclement weather. For some, this change created travel nightmares, and for others, it was a blessing.

“great. I’m going to miss the fried chicken mashed potato bowl lunch because of my final”

Shoutout Pollock Dining for filling everyone’s tummies with bootleg KFC Famous Bowls. Sucks for this guy, though.

❌Finishing early because you’re good at the subject ? …. ✅ Finishing early because you had no fucking clue how to even start half the questions ?”

Hot girls get anxious about finishing exams too early or too late.

“If my chem final Friday gets rescheduled I’m taking the zero. I am not missing my bus”


“Fuck finals it’s Christmas season baby ???”

We love an optimist <3

“They moved finals to tomorrow and Saturday… for… for THIS?? I think the fuck not”

Pour one out for the graduating seniors who have to take a final on the morning of commencement.

“A stem bf to study with would be so nice. Manifesting it for next semester”

Romanticizing the grind…in more ways than one.

“May have just failed my final but I don’t give a shit because I’m switching majors and will never have to lay eyes on a fucking integral or Taylor series ever again”

Unfortunately, MATH 141 is an incredibly common class for a lot of majors. Good luck!

“Roommate went home for break. Time to get naked”


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