Brainstorming Other Penn State Uses For LineLeap

For downtown nightlife goers, LineLeap can seem almost like a necessity for a successful night out at your bar of choice. Like a fast pass for alcoholics, LineLeap’s appeal is that it will have you inside your favorite venue well before everyone else, so you can spend more time in the bar, rather than waiting outside in line.

Recent discussions among Onward State’s staff about LineLeap and how much certain staffers will spend for quicker access to their venue of choice have gotten us thinking about where else we could use LineLeap around Penn State. While no one asked for it, here are some of the best uses for LineLeap that aren’t exactly bar-related.

Beaver Stadium Gate A Line

Have you ever shown up for a game at Beaver Stadium a little too close to kickoff? Hearing “The Blue Band’s trademark drill!” from the announcer, knowing the game is only minutes from starting, while the line has only moved a few inches since you started waiting is pure pain.

LineLeap has a fix for that. Imagine a world where you could walk up to Gate A right before White Out kickoff and still have time to grab a chicken basket and find your section. A LineSkip Pass almost seems too powerful for any student to have in this scenario, but we can dream.

The Left Turn From North Atherton Street To Park Avenue

Commuter students, faculty, and staff are all too familiar with the morning commute’s left turn from North Atherton Street to Park Avenue. Often backing up well beyond the turning lane and into southbound traffic, this segment of North Atherton Street can get pretty hectic in the morning hours when there are the most commuters.

No longer with LineLeap. With a skip pass of your own, you’ll be able to speed past the gridlock of cars stuck spilling onto North Atherton Street and will instead be quickly brought to the commuter parking lot. Gone are the days of worrying whether the driver behind you is merciful and won’t take off your car’s rear end or if the CATA bus can slip past your car in the far right lane. Simply purchase a pass and bypass all of that intersection nonsense.

Who thought this left turn was a good idea, anyway?

Pec Fly Machines At On-Campus Gyms

The bottleneck at the pec fly machine is real.

While this can be said for just about any machine at an on-campus gym, for some reason, the pec fly machine really sticks out to us. With only a few machines and an exercise that is important to so many students’ workouts, it’s no wonder why the lines for these machines can get pretty long.

Imagine while two students eagerly wait for a spot at one of the gym’s coveted pec fly machine seats, you show up with a LineSkip Pass and start right away with your sets. For $20 and the cost of social pressure, you can feel like someone important who’s given preferential treatment for things.

We can’t promise that the student you cut won’t stare you angrily in the eyes during your entire workout, though.

Pickles’ Country Night Line

This one is bar-related, but Pickles’ County Night is one of the most coveted and highly-attended events. We have no doubt that Pickles’ would make a killing by offering a one-way pass to the front of the country night line, and there is definitely no shortage of students willing to pay, either.

Also, Pickles, this is your moment to make your debut on LineLeap, too. We want to give you our money. Please join in.

Walking To Class

Move. Out. Of. The. Way.

Has a group of friends walking in a horizontal line got in the way of the hike you had to make from Thomas to Kern? We feel you. We see you. That’s why with LineLeap, and for the low price of $20, you can immediately be put in front of a slow-moving group of friends so you can get on your way and speed walk halfway across campus. Hell, you might even roll in this inconvenience as a necessary school expenditure that the Department of Education can cover.

Any Starbucks Line

For some reason, it seems like any Starbucks, either on-campus or off-campus, can have some of the craziest lines. The Paterno Library Starbucks line has frequently extended out toward the Paterno Library elevators, and students will still wait for it.

Whether you’re loyal to HUB Starbucks or you prefer to head off-campus, all Penn State Starbucks locations should offer LineLeap as part of the mobile app experience.

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few honorable mentions that LineLeap should consider adding to its service for Penn State students to take full advantage of:

  • Ticketmaster queue
  • THON grab bag sale line
  • The drive on 322 and I-76 back to Philly
  • Dining hall line
  • Dollar Dog Night concessions line
  • The drive on 22 back to Pittsburgh

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