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Putting THON’s 46 Hour Duration Into Perspective

46 hours is a lot of time. Like, a lot of time.

To be more specific, that is 2,760 minutes or 165,600 seconds. After pondering how much time this is, we thought it would be interesting to look into what other things you could do with 46 hours on your hands.

Here are a couple of different things you could do, or that could happen, other than THON within a 46-hour timeframe.

Watch The Bee Movie On Repeat

The Bee Movie is 1 hour and 31 minutes long. During the time of THON, you could watch The Bee Movie 30 times.

Drive Roundtrip To Denver

It takes 22 hours and 55 minutes to drive to Denver, Colorado from State College, PA. That means, if you stop for nothing (not even gas), a round trip would take 45 hours and 50 minutes. This means you can start your drive to Denver, Colorado when the dancers stand up and be back to the BJC with 10 minutes to spare! That is all the time you need for potty breaks.

Continuously Sing The Alma Mater

For The Glory! With 46 hours of free time, you could sing the Penn State Alma Mater 1,971 times.

Play Countless Rounds Of Monopoly

With the average game of Monopoly taking about 45 minutes, you could play about 61 games of Monopoly during the 46 hours of THON.

Embark On A Harry Potter Marathon

Expecto Patronum! There are eight films in the Harry Potter franchise. Yes, I am refusing to take those Fantastic Beasts movies into consideration.

The total run time of all of the eight movies is 19 hours and 39 minutes. So, you could technically watch the whole Harry Potter franchise of movies roughly two and a half times while everyone else is dancing.

Never Stop Doing The Line Dance

It turns out that this year’s line dance times out to almost exactly five minutes. If you did nothing else, you could do the line dance 552 times straight through the weekend.

Glue Your Eyes To The Gettysburg Address

Talk about a legend. Be motivated by this incredible speech that lasted all of two minutes an excessive 1,380 times during the 46 hours. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the dude doesn’t lie.

If you have snakes in your life, put the Gettysburg Address on repeat. That is some truth.

Track National Births

Yeah, this isn’t exactly something “you could do with 46 hours,” but it is a fun fact. 445 babies are born in the Untied States every hour. So, by the time the 46 hours are over, there will be an additional 20,470 new little U.S. citizens. 

Become A Swiftie In Just Two Days

Mother. The standard run time for The Eras Tour (not the film) is 3 hours and 15 minutes.

So, if you had 60 million dollars for tickets, you could watch The Eras Tour 14 times in a row. I know you Swifties would love that.

Bake Thousands Of Bagel Bites

Apparently, it takes about 11 minutes to make 20 Bagel Bites at 450 degrees. That means you can cook 1.81 Bagel Bites per minute. If you are quite the bite beast, and you have the freezer capacity, you could cook 5,018 Bagel Bites during the 46 hours of THON.

Take Penn State Academic Credits

A three-credit course at Penn State is either two 75-minute classes or three 50-minute classes per week. That means a three-credit course is 150 minutes of classes per week. In summary, one credit is 50 minutes of classes a week for 15 weeks for a total of 750 minutes.

That took some big math skills from a little communications major. So, if you didn’t do any homework or study and went straight through classes, you could take 3.68 credits of Penn State classes during THON.

Walk A Concourse Marathon

It took me five minutes and 37 seconds to do a complete lap of the concourse in the BJC during THON. Depending on traffic, this means you could walk the concourse a whopping 491 times if that is all you did at THON.

Listen To ‘Trace McSorley’ On Repeat

It is a Penn State classic. Who wouldn’t want to listen to it 997 times? That is how many times you could hear Matty Fresh go hard on the track with 46 hours of free time.

Fly To Naples, Italy Multiple Times

A flight from University Park, Pennsylvania to Naples, Italy doesn’t exist. However, if it did, it would apparently take 9 hours and 39 minutes. So, if you were really in love with flying to Naples, Italy, you could do it 4.8 times during THON.

Manage Your Prostate’s Health

It turns out that a prostate exam only takes about 20 seconds. If you wanted to be really cautious and proactive this weekend, you could get 8,280 consecutive prostate exams!

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Rico is a senior advertising major from Pittsburgh who has been with Onward State since just a couple weeks into his freshman year. He loves to drink Diet Coke and eat Mexican food. You can follow Rico on Instagram @RealBigRico and TikTok @RealBigRico.

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