Author: Brian Aynardi

About the Author

Brian Aynardi

Ph.D. Candidate and GSA Faculty Senate Representative

Community Content: An Appraisal of the Efforts of the GPSA to Graduate and Professional Students

This article is being published so that all graduate and professional students may be informed with facts, and not hearsay or opinions. I strongly consider you to read the factual information contained therein and decide for yourself if GPSA is serving you well.

GSA Candidate Addresses Healthcare Issue

My name is Brian Aynardi, a candidate running for GSA Treasurer (Ph.D. College of Ag). As a disclaimer – I am currently a member of the Judiciary, but have removed myself from the elections process in order to run for this position. In the essence of transparency, I felt an obligation to provide the graduate and professional student community with pertinent information regarding an extremely important concern: healthcare.