Author: Carolyn Popescu

Current senior studying Advertising and Visual Arts, Carolyn has a passion for entertainment and music. She also loves photography, film, graphic design, social media, and all things in between. She's the current Sony Music Marketing Representative for State College, so be sure to reach out to her with any local music scene questions, ideas, proposals, or if you just need someone to geek out about music with. (Contact her through [email protected] or [email protected])

Nittany Greyhounds Aims To Find Homes For Retired Racing Dogs

Nittany Greyhounds has been finding loving homes for retired racing greyhounds for 22 years.

Local Indie Band Sea Offs Making A Splash

When you think of State College music, your minds may easily drift to bar bands jamming at The Phyrst or Cafe 210. But if you listened more carefully, an indie folk masterpiece was blossoming in production. Meet Sea Offs.

Kevin Jonas Reportedly Also At THON 2017, Went Unnoticed

“I was there the whole time,” the eldest Jonas explained. “Joe literally only performed for an hour, but I stood for 46 hours.”

Full Ammo Improv Troupe To Host Comedy Festival

Penn State’s premier improv comedy troupe Full Ammo, a group that specializes in performing long-form improvisational comedy and performs every other Friday on campus, will host the RAWR666 festival this weekend.

Music Monday: Warm (Yet Rainy) Week Vibes

To celebrate this newfound clammy weather, we’ve compiled our favorite tunes related in any way, shape, or form to wetness, precipitation, or this week’s forecast.

Penn State Librarians Create Their Own Superhero Trading Cards

The cards are designed specifically for each librarian and employee, giving them a unique caricature and superhero nickname.

Music Monday: March Madness Pump Up Jams

March Madness is a phenomenon that grips sports fans across the nation. No matter if you love it or hate it, game day festivities are always better with some great tunes to kick things off.