Author: Claire Fountas

Claire Fountas is the student life editor for Onward State, as well as a junior pursuing a double major in journalism and psychology. She lives in a suburb of Chicago and strongly disagrees with anyone who hates the Cubs or the Blackhawks (so, pretty much anyone at Penn State). You can follow her @ClaireFountas or email her at [email protected]

Penn State Love Stories: A Spontaneous Homecoming 2013 Meeting

This week’s love story features a couple who met during the hustle and bustle of Homecoming Weekend 2013.

Penn State Love Stories: A Freshman Year Group Project

Cailtin Edinger had no idea the guy in her freshman year English project group would turn out to be her future fiancée years later.

Penn State Love Stories: A Fateful THON 2013 Dancer/Moraler Pairing

Though many captains try to generate the pairings based on personality similarities, the chances of getting paired with your future soulmate is — well, pretty slim.

We Want To See Your Best Halloween Decorations

With autumn in full swing and Halloween well on its way, we want to see your best Halloween decorations.

Penn State Love Stories: A Fateful Tinder Match In Indianapolis

“I totally thought I was getting catfished by an Ohio State grad or something,” Kucyznski joked. “Luckily, I stayed.”

The Worst Weather Conditions In Penn State Football History

From brutal winds to snow ball fights in the middle of the stadium, here’s a look at some of the worst game day weather conditions Penn State has faced over the years.

Penn State Love Stories: Two Different Campuses And A Leap Of Faith

Since Rachel Sutherland and Wesley Ovens didn’t even study at the same campus, they defied the odds by meeting at all.

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