Author: Desmond Nathanson

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Stay Safe on State Patty’s

You don't have to lie to us, you're going to be drinking on State Patty's Day. Lucky for you, we made a handy reference card to keep you out of jail -- or worse -- the bed of an uggo.

Serving Sizes:
Beer -- 12 oz. (one can or bottle, little less than a pint)
Malt Liquor -- 8.5 oz
Wine -- 5 oz (a wine glass)
Four Loko -- 6 oz (about a fourth of a can)
Liquor -- 1.5 oz (single shot)

Drinks it takes to be "binge drinking":
For men -- 5
For women -- 4

Number of drinks your body processes in an hour -- 1

Fines for underage drinking:
First offense -- $300 + court costsĀ  (comes to $438.50) and license suspension for 90 days
Second offense -- $500v + court costs (comes to $638.50) and a year license suspension