Author: Elissa Hill

Elissa is a junior public relations major and the managing editor of Onward State. She is from Punxsutawney, PA [insert corny Bill Murray joke here] and considers herself an expert on all things ice cream. Send questions and comments via e-mail ([email protected]) and follow her on Twitter (@ElissaKHill) for more corny jokes.

Family Hour Reminds Us Why We THON

One day we will dance in celebration. Today, we dance for the families.

Homecoming Announces 2018 Theme: Guide State Forward

This year’s Homecoming week will be held from October 7-13, a welcome change from last year’s mid-November celebration.

Tally Sepot Memorial Award Presented At THON 2018

“She did things her way — which wasn’t always my way — but it was one with style, enthusiasm, and love for life, that left an impression on everyone she’s met.”

Courtney O’Bryan Award Presented At THON

A member of Sigma Delta Tau sorority, Courtney participated in canning trips, the THON 5K, sending THONvelopes, and countless other FTK events and activities before her untimely death when she was just a freshman.

While You Were Sleeping: What Happened At The BJC Overnight

Here’s what you should know about everything you missed overnight. Spoiler alert: not a lot.

Red Car Wins First-Ever THON ‘Car Race’

Despite a late-race comeback from the blue car after it was nearly dropped over, the red car narrowly escaped with the victory to Section 114.

Overheard On Twitter: Go Go Gadjet Wants To Dab All Over THON

We’ll just have to wait until the Final Four to see how many dabs the band can stunt on ’em.