Author: Jack Lukow

Former Visual Editor, best known for recording Sue Paterno dancing to “Shake it Off”. From Greencastle PA, a town with four traffic lights and a graduating class of 110, Jack’s main life goal is to make sure he never has to return to Greencastle again. A senior in Journalism, you can follow him on twitter (@jackslens), but I wouldn’t. If you think your event deserves video coverage, know someone or something that does, or maybe just want to chat, email him at [email protected] He loves that, and you seem cool.

Be Bold And Make Mistakes: Jack Lukow’s Senior Column

Jack Lukow reflects on his Onward State career.

[Video] Penn State Prays For Paris

It all started with a simple group message, then a Facebook group, and that quickly grew into a passionate group of people gathered together in front of Old Main to pay their respects and ask for peace.

Onward Chef: Wings Over

Wings Over are surprisingly easy to make, and Onward Chef shows you how in five simple steps.

[Video] All Food Leads to The Penn State Bakery

The bakery might be the home to cookies and cakes, but it also is host to almost all of the food delivered to Penn State and the common wealth campuses. Don’t worry, we also got them making a pumpkin cheesecake.

By Candlelight: Penn State Remembers Tally Sepot

After the tragic loss of Tally Sepot, a student and sister of Alpha Chi Omega, in a car accident returning from canning over the weekend, students amassed in front of Old Main on Wednesday night to pay their respects and honor a fellow Nittany Lion. The vigil was dedicated to sharing memories of Sepot, with close friends […]

Onward State Photo Competition: Beaver Stadium

We want you to submit photos and see if you’re better than our house photographers. And, if you are, we’ll fire them and publicly shame their photography (well, maybe).

[Photo Tour] Check Out The New Health And Human Development Building

Dying to know what’s been going on behind the blue construction curtain in the Health and Human Development Building? As the project nears completion, we took a photo tour, and would love for you to come along for the ride.

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