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Rahi Nigam

Rahi is a sophomore majoring in Political Science with minors in Economics and Spanish. In his free time he can be found trying to figure out what to watch on Netflix or sleeping. Breaking Bad changed his life but so did Canyon Pizza. He’s also too hip to be hipster.

START Conference Hosts Diversity Writing Contest

Originating in 1999, “Striving Toward Awareness & Respect for Tomorrow” (START) is an annual one-day conference that gives participants a better understanding of diversity in the business world today. A major part of the conference is a writing contest with a $1,500 prize.

Freshman 101: Surviving Canning in the Cold

Weather forecasts say it's going to get pretty chilly for canning this weekend. Are you prepared?

Send Us Your Favorite RA Stories

As a Resident Assistant at Penn State, you’ve probably heard, seen, and dealt with some ridiculous situations. Of the dozens of nights and incidents you’ll never forget, we want you to pick your absolute favorite and share it with us.

Paterno Win Rally Will Include Huge 409 Sign For Mark Emmert

The Honor Joe – Restore the Wins Rally will occur this Friday, Oct. 24 and Saturday, Oct. 25 outside of the Student Book Store in conjunction with the whiteout game. The event’s goal is “to raise awareness about Paterno and the victories,” according to Eric Porterfield, Director and Co-Executive Producer of the upcoming film, The People’s Joe.

THON Org A-7 Now Accepting Bitcoin Donations

A-7, a special THON organization, recently announced that it is now accepting bitcoin donations, an unprecedented method in THON history.

Penn State Law to Host Discussion On Redskins Name Controversy

Later this evening, Penn State Law will be hosting “The Redskins Trademark and Appropriation of Native American Names and Images,” a talk that discusses the many legal and non-legal implications surrounding the issue. This hour-long event will consist of two speakers followed by a 20-minute question-answer session.

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