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Author: Sarah Desiderio

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Sarah Desiderio

Senior. Print Journalism Major, English and Sociology Minors. I'm smarter than the average 9 year old and funnier than most plants.

The Palmer Colored Tiles of Death Are No More

Apprehension, fear, sheer panic: those were once the thoughts as students attempted to survive the colored tile sidewalk in front of the Palmer Museum of Art on the way to Forum in the rain. For some, the sense of fear was exhilarating; for others, and those who consistently fell prey, it was a living hell every time it rained.

10 Questions With Blue Band President Stephen Payne

The Blue Band elected Stephen Payne as its new president earlier this week. We caught up with the junior trombonist from York, Pa. to discuss all things band and life.

The Man Behind ‘Yoga with Doug’

For years, Yoga With Doug has been one of the most popular classes offered at the White Building. But what is it about Doug's class that keeps a long line of students coming back each week?

Forty-four Years Later, Betsy Aardsma Ghost Stories Still Resonate

On November 29, 1969, 22-year-old Penn State student Betsy Aardsma was murdered in the stacks of Pattee Library. Exactly forty-four years later and the mystery has never been solved.

The 13 Strangest Penn State Products Sold at Walmart

Sure, it has your Cheerios, Duck Dynasty DVDs, and solo cups just like every other Walmart. But the State College Walmart has two aisles dedicated to carrying just about every Penn State related item one could ever imagine. Don't believe us? Here are the most unnecessary Penn State products available for purchase at Walmart.

Behind the Scenes at Wings Over

I was led into this unchartered territory by the manager of the drivers, who scrambles around me to fill orders while calling his employees in one by one to share their adventures of late night distribution of the treasured poultry. As the various delivery drivers come in and out I begin to get a taste of the other side of Wings Over. Here is what they had to say.

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